Saturday, May 2, 2009

Take the chance

I didn't realize that when I got into that line in NYC back in July, that May would come and my life would have changed for ever. It's weird how we can sit in our beds, or classrooms, or offices, or where ever and daydream about doing something bigger.  We wish for that chance to change our lives, but we refuse to because we're too afraid to break what's comfortable or exert that extra effort to just try. We look at others who are fulfilling their goals and we say that "they are lucky," we say that "they have it all," "they were in  the right place at the right time" but I believe that the reality is that they just got FED UP. 

They got fed up with mediocrity, monotony and any other "m" words to describe a state of constant averageness directing their lives. I remember sitting in class listening to a lecture and thinking "this is not what I want." A realization like that can really set the ball rolling for change in your life. This is the acceptance of "No I want more," and if you want it that's when you start thinking of how to get it. 

Now I will admit the road from the realization to the actualization may be bumpy. I remember when I had decided to try modeling I went to all the agencies in NYC and heard varying levels of "NO," most with no reason at all. However, the pure excitement of actually going to each open call and doing something that I was so enthused to do, knowing it was something that I wanted, provided the right medicine to get over the rejection. Simply it was just fun. I was actively pursuing something. 

Finding the courage to say "this is what I want and I have the ability to go for it" is to me the best advice I can give to anyone. I constantly get asked "do you think I have potential?" or "Should I try out for next season?" and the truth is why ask? Give yourself the opportunity by showing up for whatever it is you want, just be prepared that the answer could be either YES or NO. 

By showing up to that casting in July, I met 15 incredible individuals, countless other PA's, Cameramen, Sound guys (I know technical term right), lighting specialists, casting directors, make up artist, trainers,  stylists, designers, supermodels, photographers, scouts, directors, caterers, drivers, producers and cast ranglers. I was allowed to take part in once in a life time activities while learning the other side of an industry that not too many are privileged  to. I was given the most AMAZING experience of my life and to think I could have missed the chance if I had listened to the twinge of doubt, that made me turn away twice from the subway, that morning on the 26th. 


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That was a great introduction and so inspiring. Thanks for sharing. Now update the blog more... lol