Friday, December 4, 2009

All Access Victoria's Secret

Being booked to provide comedic relief at the Victoria's secret fashion show is actually a lot harder than it may sound but it was a task that was completely worth it. Now if you read my previous post you know that I was booked to be an improv actor for the 2009 Victori'a secret fashion show. However, if you saw the show on CBS on DEC 1st you may have realized that you did not see me. "What happened?" you might ask, well here goes.

The night before the Victori'as secret fashion show was the rehearsal. Now this was the major rehearsal with all the effects, the Black Eyed Peas, Supermodels with wings and yours truly Sandhurst Miggins. Now to this point my co-host and I were told that we were basically going to be doing commentary backstage. Fooling around with the models, hold up that didn't sound right, lets try this again, playing with the models, hmm even worse. Okay just having fun backstage. Now here is where I started to see a problem with this vision. From a creative standpoint, having two guys backstage cracking jokes could be funny if executed well, however this is a fashion show and as a model myself backstage gets so hectic that no one is in the mood to laugh, even though the models look like they are smiling backstage as the run to change, they know the deal. They know the camera is on them and as such the smile and the "Oh I am having such a great time look is pasted on for the world to see" when in reality its more of a "Get out of my (insert obscenities here )way, I have to go on again in 2 seconds."

During the rehearsals everything was kept light, the models were having fun. I was trying not to faint and go into complete groupie mode as I started conversing with the likes of Chanel Iman Alessandra Ambrossi, Sessilee Lopez, Aminata, Marissa, Miranda and a really fun loving Candice Swanepoel who actually knew who I was. I had an excellent time backstage. It was a great experience interacting with some of the girls. Sessilee and I broke it down for the cameras hamming it up backstage. We even had a mock soultrain line going. I didn't think the night could get any better but then it did. One of the models had yet to show up so they asked me to be a stand in for her and walk the runway. So there I am waiting for my cue as Channel Iman walks out right before me. Walking the VS runway I must admit even though it was a dress rehearsal is extremely intimidating but it was fun. As I took my four seconds to pose at the crest of the runway I was like "Damn this is CRAZY!" Turning back to walk to the other side of the V I was completely caught off guard as Alessandra Ambrossi the Longest VS Angel beside Heidi walked out. The Woman is hot and being that close to her on the runway was almost too much I actually stumbled a bit by the shock of seeing her walk out after me. I think the moment became almost too big for me but I digress. The night was a success even though my partner and I were still unaware of exactly how tomorrow's show was going to work with the craziness of backstage.

The next morning as I woke up at 7 for my 11 o'clock call I was greeted by an email from Robert of Victoria's Secret with the Subject "Actor's Cancelation." Yes I had ben axed, fired, sacked, let go, released, I had been deprived of an even greater experience to top the one that I had last night yet all I could think of was "Yeah that's fine and all but I still get to see the show right?" I replied to the email thanking them for the opportunity and asked if I could still come see the show. A speedy yes was given to me and even though I still had my all access pass that was issued to me the night before for the actual show I was given two extra tickets. Not bad for a guy who two weeks ago was trying to sneak into the event. I was still going to get compensated for the job and I got to go backstage, it was great.

To let you all in, the cancellation was due to just what I had suspected the night before. Backstage was just going to be to crazy on the night of the show to have extra people there and they decided to get rid of the actors before we got a chance to get in the way. So is the way of the entertainment world, you have to be understanding. I didn't care though I got to interact with the most beautiful women in the world and I got to see both tapings of the show, once in the audience from, really great seats and once from the control tower right behind the director. I truly got an all-round all access pass to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Hi All,

Hope you had a great Thanks giving I know I did. I decided to take some time to update the blog about what has been going on with my career. I know some of my fans have been wondering what I have been up too since leaving NYMM so I apologize for the delay.

Now if you are one of my friends on Facebook you may have noticed that I was updating my status frequently about the Victoria's secret Fashion show, well here is the scoop.

When on the 1st of November I found out that the Victoria's Secret Fashion show was headed back to NYC I decided that I had to find a way to get in to see the show. It was kind of like one of those things I had to do before I die kind of motive. I found out that the show was actually going to be taped on the 19th of November so I began a mad campaign called operation Find Victoria's Secret. It was basically an initiative to find any contact that I knew who would possibly be able to get me into the show.

A week had passed and after I spoke to models, stylists, make up artists and producers no one had a lead on how to get into the show so I decided to let the issue rest for a moment. As I was searching the internet for castings for Broadway I came across a casting for the Victoria's Secret Fashion show searching for Female Dancers, as someone who is familiar with the production I knew they usually had an all female dance crew so though I wasn't surprised I sat back and said "Damn they should have had a call for guys. I would have definitely gotten to see the show then." Three days later as I was checking the internet for castings again, my prays had been answered. There, illuminated on my laptop screen was a casting for Male Dancers for the Victoria's Secret Fashion show. "What luck" one might say after reading my last sentence but no, it was not meant to be. The date of the casting happened to be the same day I found it and the start time was the same time I was reading it, so getting from queens to Manhattan in 1 second all warmed up and ready to go was out of the question.

Now you might say this is when you gave up. No I refused to give up I kept telling myself someone of my contacts would come through and be able to sneak me into the venue. Maybe I could be a production assistant, maybe Bravo needed someone to cover the event somehow I was getting in. Five days before the show and I'm again searching for castings for TV, Broadway and any interesting projects and there it was Victoria's Secret Fashion Show searching for Male Improv Actors. Cue the celestial choir. Now, to tell you the truth, I have only had one acting class in my entire life, an acting for dancers course my first semester, freshman year so I would not exactly call myself an actor and improv comedy...ah...yeah about that, but I was determined to find a way into the VS fashion show. The call was scheduled for the next day so I had enough time to both psych myself up slash freak myself out as to the embarrassment of not knowing what I was going to do, however, I have never been one to care about being qualified to do something.

On entry to the casting I was met by around 25 other men ranging in age and ethnicity but all seemed to be seasoned vets at comedy and acting. There were some who had Nationally syndicated commercials, about five Law and Order, what I like to call third cop from the left's and the rest were stand up comics. Feeling completely out of my element yet strangely confident I walked into the room with two other actors and was asked by the Director of the VS production to act out various scenarios. To say I had a blast is an understatement. I thoroughly enjoyed making a fool of myself in the hopes of possibly seeing the most beautiful women in the world in lingerie. Surprisingly I was one of ten guys asked to stay for a second round of improv while everyone else was released. The second round of improv was basically movement based, no words just physical comedy. I must say this time I thought my performance was a bit weak but it still garnered some laughs from the director and his assistants. At the end we were given the "We will call if we are interested" line and then were sent home.

This was it, only 4 days left and this was my last chance to get into the 2009 Victoria's secret fashion show. As I got home from the casting, continuously replaying the days events, I decided that I needed to take a nap and just relax. If I got it then great, if I didn't then next year. Two hours later, I got up from my nap and literally five seconds after opening my eyes my phone rang.

"Hello, Goodnight" I always answer the phone with a double greeting
"Hi is this Sandhurst?"
"Hi this is Robert from Victoria's Secret. We thought you were extremely funny so we want you to come hangout backstage with the models."