Thursday, May 14, 2009


I have been reading a lot of the message boards and reviewing some of the comments from the Chat box and I am realizing that in the quest to find out who won the show a lot of you are really dissecting my posts to find any clues or hints about the outcome. Truth be told we are all planning major moves in our separate careers so you still wont be able to figure out what is what.

Jordan who got voted off last night is planning on moving to NYC to start modeling there and is extremely excited to work in the main US high fashion market.

As far as I know Amanda is planning on getting into acting with a role in an independent film. I wish her all the luck with that.

Colin is planning on making the move to New York to start modeling, and to calm the rumor mills, no he hasn't been signed but I have a feeling when he finally moves to the city he will be taken up in a quick second. He and I were actually talking with Branden about moving in together but because we will all be moving there at different times This scenario might not work out. 

Laury is modeling all over the world She just recently came back from Milan.

Kerryn just made her rounds at the agencies in NYC so we will know the verdict soon.

Gabe is quickly becoming a top notch Photographer. 

As for the models still left in the game, the truth is win or lose we are all planning on modeling after the show airs, I may be more public about it but that doesn't mean anything. It is still a strong field so you will have to keep watching the show to find out. 




Herber Ice said...

hey guy, i'm herber.
can i translate this article into chinese.
to let more people to know what are these models doing.
i will post this traslation of this article on my blog and BBS

robair said...

you tacama, i'll move to new york :) we can be roomiees

Chloe said...

Jonathan has been signed to NOUS models, he seems to be doing well, I see his name everyhwyhere.
All the best Sandhurst, you are very promissing! I you to see yhou on billboards soon.

The Second Skin said...

Well done Sandhurst. All of you were great, and it was sad that there could only be one winner, but no doubt all of you, especially the final three will do well. Give the photogs what they want, but always remain Sandhurst. That is what is most important. Best of luck in your career and in life.

According to Gia said...

:-( I just knew you were going to win. I have been rooting for you since I heard the Trini accent...My fam is from Trinidad I was born here and always wished I had one. Anyhow, you were the reason that I tuned in weekly. I think you were the best on the show I truly wish you the best of luck and I hope that you do get all that you are trying to achieve. :-)

Timothy said...

Hey man I am a Fashion Photographer in NYC, and id love to shoot you here is my info and if your interested let me know.

Best Regards
Timothy Rosado

mrs said...

your attitude, your look, your work ethic, your natural charm, all were a pleasure to watch.
you WILL succeed, because that's the stuff you're made of. like your sweet sister said; whatever IT is- you definately have it!
enjoy it!