Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I was going to respond to some of the questions posed to me via the chat box in a short chat box reply  but I decided to make a full post about some of the topics.

Sexuality. Come on, I get it, male Ballet dancer turned model all indicators point to Gay right but the reality of the situation is just like there are Gay athletes there are also Straight dancer/models. I think on a whole we ask the public to not define who we are by what we do but then we go right ahead and do it others. I was raised in the Caribbean and though I will admit it isn't the most LGBT friendly zone in the world, I was brought up to not care about whatever anyone else thought about me. My parents would always say once you are not doing drugs or stealing then we don't care what you do or who you are. Those kinds of words really opens up a child to a world of experiences and people. 

My father was a jack of all trades. He was in the military, he was an actor, a dancer a painter a fisherman, a farmer, a great soccer goalie, a swimmer, a track star, you see where I am going with this and these are all activities that I have done and enjoyed in my life. My parents just gave me options as a child, options to experience a whole world and yes I found my passion in the arts I am also a lot of other things as well. So to the questions that were raised. What is my sexuality? If it is really that important that I define it then I am straight, but does it change your opinion on me no lol the people who think I am gay will continue to do so or those that think I am Bi and I honestly have no problem with you coming to your own conclusions. Hell I have my own thoughts about other people lol. 

William you asked if I felt the need to prove my manhood and the answer is no. Why should I? I am a guy that knows and can set every classical ballet created and I am proud of that it takes years and a lot of hard work to study ballet and really appreciate it and I am not going to pretend like I don't love dance just so that someone else will feel like I am more of a man. And for those guys out there who feel like they have to live up to some kind of mold in order to be accepted then I have a question for them. Are these really the people that you need to be accepted by?
So now that the sexuality rant is done lol, I move on to the topic of Caribbean Models. The only caribbean models that I have been in contact with so far is Daver Campbell. I will honestly say he is truly an inspirational and motivational figure because I get the impression that he is really about empowering those around him to not only follow their dreams but to really take charge of it and own it. As far as other models from the caribbean Oraine's rise to success in this industry is incredible. I remember reading a caribbean magazine one summer when he had just won a modeling competition in Jamaica and the next thing I knew he was everywhere when I got back to the states. I think his journey into the industry really inspired me to to get off my ass and start going for it. Some people are lucky and get discovered walking down the street but others have to create the opportunity for themselves. 

Anyway I hope this post gives you a little insight into my life. 


Amanda Lee! said...

I feel like the fact that you're a male ballet dancer & model is further proof that you're comfortable in your sexuality. There's that saying that real men wear pink, cry, whatever... Same can be said for a man who can pull off tights! ;o)

Rebecca Black said...

Hi Sandhurst, I'm a big fan of make me a supermodel from Ireland.

I think you are doing really well and I'd absolutely love to see you go on and win the show.

Go Sandhurst!

Anonymous said...

i dont know... youre definitely doin your thing and youre doin it quite well.. keep it gangsta... ;)

mimundoesmusica said...

I know that I am about a month late with my response, but I think that it is important for yonger guys to see such a good example of a straight male ballet dancer. Hopefully it will encourage some of them to follow their dreams without worrying about the stigmas attached to them.