Tuesday, July 6, 2010

2010 AND A HALF (part 1)

Hey Everyone,

I'm sorry I haven’t written in half a year but it’s been a really mixed and busy 2010 for me. Every year since 2008 I have come up with a lil motto to keep me going, this year’s version is “2010 my year again” it rhymes when you pronounce “again” “agen” but I digress lol. So far it has been my year but not without the ups and downs that go along with establishing a solid foundation for a career in the entertainment business.

The year started off on a high note as I was called by Grant Wilfrey Casting to be an extra in a Chanel Commercial that was being directed by Martin Scorsese. Yes the academy award, winning Director. It was to be a press conference scene where I played a reporter. No I was not the lead in this commercial, more like 1 of 60 journalist, cameramen and photographers covering the “story.” While we waited to be called to set it was actually quit comedic to see how most of the women would become extra perky when the Assistant Director walked into the room. I guess their display was a chance to catch his attention so that they would be chosen to say a line or two, or just to get a spot right in front of the camera. In any case sometimes it worked, as the woman to my left was chosen first to be placed and in others it didn’t as the woman to my right was placed directly behind the 6’4 mammoth of a man that was me.

Just as I settled into my 4th row spot, with my pad and pencil in hand, I began to position myself so that when the commercial finally aired, my mother would be able to pick me out of the crowd. Yes you do have to commit to the scene but People were going to know I was in it lol. Anyway as we were about to begin, Martin walked into the room and decided to move some people around. I was actually one of these people as I was moved from the 4th row up to the second. I know “Lucky me” you would have thought. Well not so much. I was told to stand in the second row, which I guess is fine but when a scene takes 5 hours to film that’s when I have a problem. Now standing too can be a good thing especially when you are in the second row. I mean you will definitely be seen but then Martin, look at me being all familiar with him calling him Martin but anyway Martin decided that I needed to be a photographer and his assistant gave me a huge camera to cover most of my face except a squinting eye. Thanks Martin.

Though we were there for 10 hours and the shoot really took about 5 hours for a 10 second scene, it was still an exciting experience to be apart of the process. Was this commercial the big break I was again waiting for? No, but it was a resume builder. On another note it was in the middle of shooting that I was made aware of the earthquakes in Haiti and my mind began to wonder to Laury from Make Me A Supermodel and her Family as well as one of my closest friends Bliss who also has family there.

The next experience on the agenda was Trinidad Carnival 2010. The Antilia organization who I had previously worked with in 2009, offered to fly me to Trinidad for the 2010 carnival experience. I had an amazing time. Ironically Beyonce was also holding the finale to her world Tour during the same time so I was able to see B perform live. She’s definitely worth the money. During my carnival experience I was able to shoot with Jonathan Mannion, celebrity photogrpher who you may have seen on the finale of America’s Next Top Model directing the Cover Girl commercial, as well as celebrity Make up artist Theodore Faulkner. This shoot was by far the best shoot I had ever done, as the environment was so relaxed yet exhilarating at the same time. Shout out to model Danille Prime and Kerry-Ann Murphy as well as my friends Pam and Zach.

March again saw me getting back in front of the lens for a catalog shoot for an up and coming men’s suit line. It was an easy shoot, just stand, click click, repeat 30 times and it was over. The collection was apparently geared to “my demographic,” insert snickering here, but I as well as the other male model might beg to differ on that one. The suits were oversized and though ornate in construction I must admit there is something as too much “PIZAZZ!!!”

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