Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Male Model Tips

Hi all,

I know its been a while but I am still alive and well.

Some of you may already be my friends on Facebook so you may have already seen my Male Model tips but I decided to bring them over to the blog as a fun entry for you to read.

Tip to Male Models - if you are going to remove the hair from your chest using hair removal creams then make sure there is enough in the tube for the entire chest and not just a thin layer. Trust me it is extremely embarrassing showing up to castings with a patchy chest, or so I've heard

Tip number 2 for male models. Make sure that if you use the bathroom before going into a casting, remember to pull ur fly up. It could become an embarrassing situation if you don't ...or so I've heard

Male model tip #3 when asked to do your run way walk in an extremely small room from the back wall towards the camera, please remember how many steps it took to get there. Walking into the wall can lead to embarrassing questions about your sobriety... or so I've heard Male model tip

#4 it might actually be a good thing to go into a casting with your fly down the embarrassing moment will keep you fresh in their mind and you might actually get a call back ... Or so I've heard

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